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International Release!


Escape was released in Russia and Iceland this past weekend on 725 screens, marking the start of our international releases! Other countries are coming soon, but in the meantime take a look at this awesome bus shelter ad in Saint Petersburg!


Escape Clips

We’ve released a few new clips from the film. Watch them below!

Slurpee – When Gary (Rob Corddry) first arrives on Earth, he has a run-in with a Slurpee.

Gary & Thurman – Gary meets Thurman, played by George Lopez.

Airsick – Thurman gives Io (Jane Lynch) some flying advice.

Rocket Boots – Kira (Sarah Jessica Parker) fires up the Rocket Boots.

Just Like Uncle Scorch – Scorch (Brendan Fraser) impresses his nephew Kip.

Inventions – Doc (Craig Robinson) discusses how Area 51 works.

TV Spot

The 30 second Escape TV commercials have started airing. It’s nice to finally see some truth in advertising, since Escape is the loudest, slimiest, coolest 3D adventure in the universe!

iPhone & Android App

Two cool Escape apps have just been released for both iPhone and Android devices!


The Escape From Planet Earth App includes a “photo bomb” feature where you can take a picture with any of the characters from the movie, and an interactive “story book” feature.


Scorch’s Run is an enhanced version of the Gnarlach Rescue game. Use the rocket boots to collect blubonium, dodge Gnarlachs, and help Scorch rescue babies.


Download for iOS 

Escape App

Scorch’s Run

Download for Android

Escape App

Scorch’s Run


Escape website is live!

Escape From Planet Earth - Official Website

The official Escape From Planet Earth website is now live at! In addition to character bios and other alien facts, there are two fun mini games.

Escape From Area 51

Play as Scorch or Gary and escape from Area 51!
Play as Scorch or Gary and collect Blubonium while you escape from Area 51. Watch out for Hazmats!

Gnarlach Rescue

Help Scorch rescue as many babies as possible. Don't wake the sleeping Gnarlachs!
Help Scorch rescue as many babies as possible. Don’t wake the sleeping Gnarlachs!


Escape From Planet Earth Standee!

The Escape From Planet Earth standee, in the Rainmaker Lobby!
The Escape From Planet Earth standee, in the Rainmaker Lobby!

This afternoon we received the Escape standees at Rainmaker, and they look fantastic. These are currently in theatres all across North America, along with the poster. The marketing push begins…

Even the standee is in 3D!
Please display immediately!