Voice Acting with Tanner Zee

Tanner Zee from Cineplex got a lesson in voice acting from Rob Tinkler, who plays a mouse named Redline in The Nut Job 2. Check it out below!

Nut Job 2 Hollywood Premiere

The Hollywood premiere of The Nut Job 2 took place on Saturday August 5, 2017! Take a look at some photos from the red carpet. It was great to see it with an audience, and in less than one week it hits theaters around the world!

Nut Job 2 Outdoor Ads!

The Nut Job 2 comes out in 9 days! We’ve been seeing billboards and busses across Canada and the USA. Check out a few of them below!


Keep an eye out for Nut Job 2 cups at Menchie’s this summer. These are now available all across the USA and Canada. You might even bump into Surly!


The Nut Job 2: Nutty By Nature has received a PG rating from the MPAA for “action and some rude humor.” In our opinion, action and rude humor is a pretty accurate synopsis of the movie!

You can see the official MPAA rating bulletin below – NJ2 is on page 2.

MPAA Rating Bulletin #2477 – May 24 2017

Nut Job 2 Theatrical Trailer

The new trailer for The Nut Job 2 premieres online today. It features tons of Mr. Feng, the little white mouse played by Jackie Chan. Whatever you do, don’t call him cute!

Final Sound & Picture

We’ve been living at Technicolor for the past two weeks, working with our talented post team on the final colour timing and sound mix for The Nut Job 2. We deliver the movie at the end of the month, and it’s looking and sounding fantastic! Our release date was moved up one week, so you’ll be able to see it in theaters on August 11, 2017!