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Son of Bigfoot 2

We’re happy to announce that we’re writing and executive producing a sequel to our original animated movie “Son of Bigfoot”, which was released internationally in 2017. The sequel is being directed by Ben Stassen, and we’re excited to share it with the world! Check out the official announcement in Variety:

Ben Stassen Set to Direct 3D Animated Sequel ‘Bigfoot Superstar’ (EXCLUSIVE)


Back From Belgium

We were recently in Belgium to meet with nWave Pictures and talk about future projects. The team at nWave made Son of Bigfoot, and it was great to chat with them and see their fantastic studio in Brussels.

In some foreign territories, Son of Bigfoot was called Bigfoot Junior, as you can see from the posters hanging in the lobby.

They also gave us some awesome Son of Bigfoot crew shirts!

Son of Bigfoot

In 2013, we wrote an original screenplay called Son of Bigfoot. We sold this script to nWave, an animation studio in Belgium who made the movie in association with STUDIOCANAL.

The wait is over, and Son of Bigfoot is finished! It’s currently playing in European theatres, and the soundtrack by Puggy is available on iTunes and Apple Music.

Check out the trailer and soundtrack below!

TIFF Kids Panel

We had a great time on the TIFF Kids panel, talking about our experiences making movies. Thanks to the team at TIFF for inviting us to speak, we had a blast doing it!

Cal and Bob at Tiff KidsAdjusted



TIFF Kids Festival

tiff kids

We will be speaking at the TIFF Kids Festival Industry Conference on a panel called “Going Big: The Business and Art of Long-Form Storytelling” on April 15, 2014. We’ll be talking about our writing process, the state of the animation industry, and how we strive to make cool, entertaining movies for all audiences.

We will also be participating in the “Meet the Writers” session on April 16. This is where we’ll share all the stories that were too scandalous* to discuss in a large room with recording devices.

*Scandal not guaranteed


Escape From Planet Earth hits theaters this Friday! We’ve been doing interviews to promote the film, and you can check out four of them below!


Animation Magazine – A zany return to Area 51

collider-logo – Director Cal Brunker and Screenwriter Bob Barlen Talk ESCAPE FROM PLANET EARTH, Enthusiasm for 1950s Sci-Fi, Strong Female Characters and Future Projects


ScreenwritingU – Cal Brunker and Bob Barlen on ESCAPE FROM PLANET EARTH


The Canadian Press – ‘Escape from Planet Earth’ giant leap for Canuck animation, says director

The calm before the storm…

The work is done, the pencils are down and the computers are off. Escape From Planet Earth is finished. We’ve spent the last few weeks putting the finishing touches on the movie, and it’s looking better than ever. The score sounds fantastic, the mix is huge, and we were extremely lucky to get one of our comedy heroes to join the cast. His involvement hasn’t been officially announced yet, but holy crap are we excited!

The TV spots are on the air, posters and standees are in theatres, and both the 2D and 3D versions of the movie have delivered. This leads us to the inevitable question: what now? The answer is simple: wait and see.

We love this movie and have poured our hearts and lives into it for the past two and half years. But in the movie business, films are measured by how they perform at the box office. It’s nerve-wracking to imagine that the fate of our career depends on what happens in a single weekend. A film that makes money is a vote of confidence in the team that made it happen. A great opening weekend for Escape would mean more resources, and more creative freedom moving forward. It would lay the groundwork to make the next movie even better.

So what are we doing while we count down to February 15th? Writing, writing, writing. We’re finishing a new script, and with all that we’ve learned on Escape, it’s going to be fantastic. Escape consumed every hour of every day for the last two and half years, and now that it’s over, there’s a giant void to be filled. Writing seems to be the only thing that works. Finding new characters and new adventures to dream about has been equal parts creative expression, and Escape therapy.

Will this new script be our next film? Only time will tell… But it’ll be a heck of a lot more likely if everyone goes to see Escape on the 15th!

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