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Voice Acting with Tanner Zee

Tanner Zee from Cineplex got a lesson in voice acting from Rob Tinkler, who plays a mouse named Redline in The Nut Job 2. Check it out below!

EFPE in the UK


Escape From Planet Earth was released in the UK on March 7th, 2014. It’s been great to see the movie released all over the world, but the London release deserved a picture. Gotta love those double decker buses!

The European rollout continues. The next major releases are France on May 7th, and Germany on May 29th.

More From Taiwan

All the 7-Elevens in Taiwan have Gary and Scorch on their Slurpee cups! Thanks to Eric, one of our lead animators, for sending these sweet photos.

big gulp gary

big gulp scorch

eric with cup at 7-Eleven

Eric with poster


Escape From Planet Earth was just released in Taiwan, where Chinese Mandopop singer Jam Hsiao played the voice of Scorch! It’s fun to see the international release roll out, and as they say in Chinese, 灼燒我,寶貝! (Scorch me, baby!)

EFPE Taiwanese Poster



Animation Fascination Podcast


Cal recently sat down to discuss directing Escape From Planet Earth with Marc and Matt on the Animation Fascination podcast. You can listen to the interview here!


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Escape breaks $50,000,000 at the domestic box office!


We’re happy to report that Escape has become TWC’s highest grossing animated film by breaking $52,000,000 at the domestic box office this weekend. You can read an article about it on Cartoon Brew.


In addition to this great domestic news, our international rollout continues! Escape opened in Israel and India this past weekend. We’ll report back on the international response soon.

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The National

On February 19, we spoke about Escape with Duncan McCue on CBC’s The National. Watch it below!


Escape From Planet Earth hits theaters this Friday! We’ve been doing interviews to promote the film, and you can check out four of them below!


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